Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Text for Help

There are many crisis hotlines that do amazing work in helping people deal with abuse, suicidal feelings, general angst and more. Still, sometimes making a phone call feels too hard, too scary. But sending a text? Doable.

The Crisis Text Line was established for just that reason. People, especially young people, who need to reach out can often do it more freely and comfortably via text. The Crisis Text Line number — 741741 — is a simple pattern up the left side of a phone keyboard, so you can reach them without even looking at your screen. Help is there, any day, any time.

Someone from the team, which is mostly people in their late 20s, responds within five minutes. The average exchange goes on for an hour, talking through emotions or events. Learn more about the Crisis Text Line, or volunteer to be a counselor... Because reaching for a lifeline should be as simple as possible. 

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